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Tiger Cave Mountain Temple

I never expected it to be so tough, 1300 steps doesn’t sound that much right? just walking straight or even at I slight incline. But this is really straight upwards. But it was so…

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Arrived in Aonang

Two days ago we arrived at Krabi airport, the flight went smoothly from Stockholm except for some turbulence, but that is to be expected. I slept almost all the flight but John…

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10 days to take off

The days are running by so fast right now. I can't believe a while ago it was 90 days it felt like forever. But now, in 10 days it's take of for my first stop on the digital nomad…

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It’s just getting started!

Ok, so this just started! I'm so exited about the times to come. I rented out my apartment in Gothenburg and have left off to live with my parents in my childhood home, more on…

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