Two days ago we arrived at Krabi airport, the flight went smoothly from Stockholm except for some turbulence, but that is to be expected. I slept almost all the flight but John was not so lucky. He ordered som snacks to get his mood up, we really liked the way to order food right from the seat.

While at the airport in Krabi we managed to withdraw way to much Bath but now we are set for quite som time!

Right now we are at our Airbnb which we are very pleased with. Right now it’s the rainy period here in Thailand so the rain is pattering hard on the metal roof.

Our first day we did a conference call and it worked out great. So I’m a little less nervous about the wifi connection being fast and reliable enough.

Tomorrow we are going to The tiger cave mountain temple. 1300 steps up but for a great view it’s worth it! I will try to update this post as we continue our first days in Aonang.