I never expected it to be so tough, 1300 steps doesn’t sound that much right? just walking straight or even at I slight incline. But this is really straight upwards. But it was so worth it!

In the morning the rain was pouring. We waited it out and of course arrived at the base of the mountain around noon, in the blazing heat, just when everybody discourage you from going there. That’s when we started the climb. It was sweaty and exhausting but when you get up, take your shoes of and walk around at the temple surrounded by the amazing view and the wind catches your wet shirt, it’s worth every step, times 2!

It’s a way of calmness up there that is hard to explain, and people praying and enjoying the surroundings. Even a dog rest under one of the altars.

When we finally reached the ground level again we got to hang out with the monkeys for a while and soon headed back to Aonang.